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4 tips to prepare your business for SuperStream

Posted by Sage MicrOpay on Mon, Nov 17, 2014 @ 11:04 AM

WinnershOffice UK 080813 246 smallerWhere do you sit in the SuperStream journey and how confident is your business about meeting the implementation date?

SuperStream is fast approaching and now is the time to make sure that your business is compliant with the new requirements and data standards. Every business is different and there is no “one-size fits all” solution or approach so it is important to look at what needs to be done for your business specifically to stay compliant. So that your business doesn’t get left behind and risk non-compliance, we have some tips to prepare for SuperStream.

Understand what the new requirements for SuperStream are and how they impact your current process

The new requirements for SuperStream are being introduced to ensure that employer contributions are paid in a consistent, timely and efficient manner to a member’s account. The new requirements will require you to adapt your superannuation process and to collect additional information, particularly if you are manually generating multiple superannuation contribution files and making cheque payments. The new requirements for SuperStream are:

  • All data must be sent electronically in a standard message format.
    This means that no more hard copy reports can be sent and data cannot be faxed, emailed or posted. 

  • All superannuation contribution payments must be made electronically. 
    You will no longer be able to make cheque payments.

  • Data and money need to be linked with a unique payment reference number.

  • Data and payments must be sent on the same day.

  • Additional employee information and contribution information is required to meet the SuperStream data standard. 

    For Employee Information, the additional mandatory data fields include address fields  to include country and address usage code and Supergender. 

    For superannuation contributions, the additional mandatory data fields include  providing  a Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) for APRA-regulated funds,  Electronic Service Address (ESA) Alias for Self-Managed funds and a Payment  Number (PRN).

Engage your provider of payroll services or software to find out their plans for SuperStream compliance

We recommend that you find out what plans your payroll provider has for their software updates to meet the ATO and SuperStream requirements. Do they have the correct fields for the new data, when will the software update with SuperStream additional fields be ready and are they running education sessions and support services that can assist your business in preparing for SuperStream?

Consider whether a superannuation clearing house service is the right option for your business

Using a Superannuation clearing house service, like Sage MicrOpay’s Express Super, is one of the options for meeting the SuperStream requirements. Clearing house services can meet SuperStream requirements on your behalf and remove the risk of non-compliance.

The features of superannuation clearing house services include integration with your payroll software, superannuation payments processed with one file and one payment, secure payments and up-to-date superannuation fund information, all features which comply with SuperStream requirements. When you are looking into using a superannuation clearing house service, find out how they will receive your data, when you can test your data with their system, if they are running information sessions and if they have support to assist you?

Have a plan for SuperStream compliance before it’s too late

A common cause of problems in the implementation of new processes and software in a business is not having a project plan in place. When your business is preparing for SuperStream, identify who is responsible for overseeing the process, identify the gaps, ask for help, set a date to start using SuperStream and try not to wait until 30 June 2015.

The key dates for SuperStream implementation are: 

3 November 2014: From this date, superannuation funds will begin to receive compliant SuperStream contributions and employers are encouraged to start moving to the SuperStream standards. 

1 July 2015: All employers with 20 or more employees must be submitting superannuation contributions and funds using the SuperStream standards. 

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Top 5 reasons to maximise your return on employee investment

Posted by Sage MicrOpay on Thu, Oct 09, 2014 @ 10:58 AM

MadridOffice Spain 290813 632There are many benefits in taking the time to understand your employees and to enhance their engagement and growth within the company.

Your employees are a big and unique asset for your company, and for most businesses the workforce is also its largest investment. Here are our top 5 reasons to maximise your return on employee investment.

Benefit from engaged employees

Building a positive work culture focused around what motivates your employees can go a long way towards better customer engagement, increased revenue and higher profits. Organisations that can establish trust between the workforce and management, and between co-workers, can create an engaged workforce and experience the many benefits that go along with it.

Increase employee retention

High turnover rates can be attributed to several different factors and how they impact on your employees. This can include unchallenging work, poor relationship with management or co-workers, ability to fit into the goals of the organisation and the overall corporate culture.

Whilst at times turnover can be unavoidable, turnover among your top performers is largely avoidable and it is certainly worth the investment, given the extraordinary expense of replacing them. It is worthwhile investing in key areas such as analysis of employee performance and information, company communication, work environment, employee engagement and recognition, training and compensation and benefits. 

Reduce your employee replacement costs

Employee turnover is a very high and often underestimated cost for employers. The costs associated with replacing a departing employee include recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orientation, training, compensation and benefits while training, lost productivity and administrative costs.

Reduce sick leave and absenteeism

Missed work time and unscheduled absences can have large cost consequences for your company and can contribute to lowered productivity and morale. One way for a company to reduce absenteeism is by using a HRMS system. This technology can make information about each employee available to managers so it is easier for them to identify possible patterns of absenteeism or illness and address them with employees. 

Focus on managing and developing your talent

Talent management is much more than just a performance appraisal tool or process. A successful talent management solution should also address alignment with business goals and people performance. Businesses that use performance appraisal and management software show a reduction of low performers. Talent management can impact your company’s return on employee investment in cost savings, revenue growth and improved employee productivity.

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Sage MicrOpay opens new office in Brisbane

Posted by Sage MicrOpay on Mon, Nov 12, 2012 @ 03:17 PM

BuildingsSage MicrOpay are excited to announce that we have just opened a brand new office and training facility in the heart of Brisbane at West End. These new premises will help us to provide businesses based in Queensland with a premium level of service and support.

Our office address is located at:

Level 1, West End Corporate Park
20 Pidgeon Close
West End, QLD 4101

As a result of our new Brisbane premises we are now also pleased to offer comprehensive payroll training courses to payroll professionals in Queensland who wish to enhance their payroll software skills or stay informed on the latest payroll legislation changes.  Delivered by experienced trainers and industry experts in the comfort of state of the art training rooms, these courses provide an ideal learning environment and help to ensure that you stay compliant and get the most out of your payroll software solution.

For further information about our Brisbane training courses visit our website at or contact us on 1300 729 229.

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